what we do

Alternate Minds Studios have been operating in South Africa/ Saudi Arabia in one form or the other since 2003. The studio has always leaned towards the rock/ pop genres and has recorded full albums and individual tracks for various artists.

The studio is well equipped for tracking, mixing, production and mastering and, apart from the gear, has a pair of great ears to add to the equation. We are also able to do live recordings and can cater for your live PA requirement.

As the owner is himself a guitarist, the studio is extremely well geared to cater for the guitarist. As such we pride ourselves that we get a unique guitar sound, be it acoustic, electric, bass or re-amp for your project. The owner will gladly track guitars for your project, at a price of course... That said, we can pretty much track everything else that is required.

We are slowly but surely migrating the Saudi based studio back to South Africa where we will not only provide an excellent recording facility but also a place to relax and get the creative juices going. We are proud to offer exquisite B&B facilities as well as a coastal environment with private beach on the West Coat of South Africa. We should be fully functional by 1 Dec 2018! Please contact me for rates and availability.

We now have a sister company as of June 2018! Skyye Collective (Pty) Ltd is a new company formed after the acquisition of a post production studio in the heart of Cape Town.

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